• Reasons for Choosing eProfessor

  • Create your cloud campus at zero cost
  • White labeled Online brand for your School
  • Enroll your Students and Teachers
  • Use free available 395+ course content
  • Create, Upload and Deliver your online course
  • Mobile Learning Platform Anytime Anywhere
  • Build your School Community Networking
  • Communication Tools for Effective Teaching
  • Monitoring tracking & reporting
  • eLearning Tools & Management Systems
  • Courses for Parents
  • Rating & Liking System for Teaching & Learning

(I.E. School, Engineering, Vocational, English & Communication, Medical,
Management, IT, Softskills and Grooming)

Get Online Courses from


Course Library

  • CBSE based Courses
  • Grooming
  • Employability Skills
  • English
  • Parenting


Eprofessor cloud Campus feature allows School to start your own online school and create own digital library enroll their students & teachers. Create and publish your courses, content, eBooks and Exams and provide to their students by Enroll them, Manage them through batch's and classes, Create own community networking, teachers can start teaching to their students in the campus.

Start your Online School

Setup your Cloud campus your own online school

Manage your School Campus in Eprofessor.in

  • A complete platform for enroll your student, teach & groom them and place them with industry.
  • Manage your student and teacher with LMS, Teach online and create your student community.

Create and Deliver Teaching Quickly and Easily

  • Teach, create, upload, publish and sell online courses.
  • Automate the entire learning management process, from learner registration, to enrollment, tracking and reporting, communication, certification, and beyond.

Empowered the Teacher

  • Eprofessor Cloud Campus feature allows trainers and teachers to bring their courses, exam & ebooks online and administer them selectively to a group of students of their choosing.
  • it's easy to define which learners get which content, providing a personalized learning experience.

Campus based Digital Library

  • Educational Institutions can also set up Digital Library as a private campus and use it as an online education centre.
  • Host, Create and publish your courses, content, eBooks and Exam and provide to their private students by Enroll your student make batch and manage.
  • Students & teacher can be invited to be campus members.
  • Manage them through batch's and classes, Create own community networking, teachers can start teaching to their students in the campus.

Get Online Courses from the Digital Library

  • Gives access to free or subscription based Ready to use 2500+ Courses, 5000+ exams and 1000+ ebooks.
  • School can be subscribed from digital library into the your Campuses

Mobile Learning Anydevice Anytime Anywhere

  • HTML 5 based learning platform which extended your training to any device desktop, tablet and phone

Teach Online Anytime Anywhere

  • Create live session, Schedule Live Class, Invite Students, Teach online via Whiteboard and Chatting.

Promote your Campus and Courses

  • We can promote your courses on skylearning.in where you can reach with millions of learner.
  • We also advertise your courses through our digital market.

Sell your Online Courses

  • Make money by charging learners a fee to enroll in your courses, or selling your course content.
  • We take a 30% commission of your total earnings, but if you don't make money, we don't charge!

Get your Website Login API

  • Get login API on your website for login to your student or teacher from your website.

Placement Portal

  • Use state of art placement portal to create CV's.
  • Get place them with industry and get all placement reports.

Build Social Networking Learning

  • Eprofessor supports social learning through create own community, Enroll in other members' courses and campuses.
  • A range of social networking interactive activities and using collaborative events including student and teacher can networ.
  • Add learners as friends, send and receive messages, chats, comments, communication board, Rating System, share knowledge & ideas, notification, mail, asynchronous discussions etc...

Search Facility

  • The sophisticated search facility also allows learners to access specific learning objects.
  • just in time to support their performance in specific tasks.

Testing, Tracking and Reporting

  • Advanced test engine and course tracking features, combined with a rich off¬er of default and custom reports enable you to easily monitor and track the performance of your student/workforce.
  • Access learning history, smart reports unify data from different sources, helping you to measure the effectiveness of learning.

Assessment Engine

  • A range of assessment options including a sophisticated assessment engine where you can create assessments from banks of questions and track scores and completion rates.
  • Create multiple question banks for use within a topic, single course, Generate assessments using one or more question banks, Report on individual questions, user scores, Track completion of individual assessments and Track completion of courses.

Teaching & Learning Rating System

  • Eprofessor also offers a rating review function for learners.
  • You can get quick, honest feedback on created courses or content and you can make comments.
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