• Reasons for Choosing eProfessor

  • 500+ ready to use corporate courses
  • Gift learning to your employ
  • Create online training centre
  • Start training your employees
  • Manage your learning courses and teaching
  • Optimize your business training
  • Easy to create and track learning anytime
    anywhere and any device

(Groom your Staff for Outstanding Performance)

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  • Soft Skills
  • IT Professional
  • Life Skills
  • Grooming


Corporate, companies and small business enterprise that need to train staff or clients can bring their training courses online in an effective and affordable manner, by setting up a personalized and branded private cloud campus. Once a cloud campus is created its act as a completely private online training centre, clients and/or employees can be invited in to start learning.

Your Own Fully-hosted Corporate Training Solution

  • Invite your students, employees or clients to your campus and allow them to enroll in your online training courses.

Training and Curriculum Development Managers

  • With eprofessor you can train your company staff with blended learning.
  • Initiatives such as E-Learning, classroom-based training, mobile learning and on-the-job training.

HR Managers

  • With eprofessor, your HR team will be able to implement cost-eff¬ective training and skills management processes integrated with your current HR processes,
  • Solutions and aligned with the business objectives of your company

Simplicity of its Design and Functionality

  • The great thing about eprofessor is the simplicity of its design and functionality.
  • Often, small and medium sized businesses need a tool to train and teach their employees the skills they need to know to maximize their potential.
  • Training employees can become expensive, however, especially for SMBs with limited budgets and revenues.
  • Eprofessor is the first e-Learning platform that combines free Learning Management (LMS) capabilities and course authoring in one.
  • Eprofessor is the first of its kind, enabling people with little technical know-how to create lessons and even entire online campuses with just a few clicks.

Teaching & Learning Rating System

  • eprofessor also offers a rating review function for learners.
  • You can get quick, honest feedback on created courses or content and you can make comments.

Create and Deliver Teaching Quickly and Easily

  • Teach, create, upload, publish courses.
  • Automate the entire learning management process, from learner registration, to enrollment, tracking and reporting, communication, certification, and beyond.

Subscribed or Free Courses from the Digital Library

  • Gives access to free or subscription-based Ready to use 2500+ Courses, 5000+ exams and 1000+ ebooks.
  • You can subscribed from digital library into the your Campus

Mobile Learning Anydevice Anytime Anywhere

  • HTML 5 based learning platform which extended your training to any device desktop, tablet and phone

Teach Online Anytime Anywhere

  • Create live session, Schedule Live Class, Invite Students, Teach online via Whiteboard and Chatting.

Testing, Tracking and Reporting

  • Advanced test engine and course tracking features, combined with a rich off¬er of default and custom reports enable you to easily monitor and track the performance of your student/workforce.
  • Access learning history, smart reports unify data from different sources, helping you to measure the eff¬ectiveness of learning.

Assessment Engine

  • A range of assessment options including a sophisticated assessment engine where you can create assessments from banks of questions and track scores and completion rates.
  • Create multiple question banks for use within a topic, single course, Generate assessments using one or more question banks, Report on individual questions, user scores, Track completion of individual assessments and Track completion of courses

Quality and certification managers

  • With its extensive support for online testing and digitally signed certificates, eprofessor helps you to implement your certification programs,
  • and favor remediation through personal learning paths.

Get your Website Login API

  • Get login API on your website for login to your student or teacher from your website.

Automate your Learning Management Process

  • Eprofessor LMS can automate the entire learning management process, from learner registration, to enrollment, tracking and reporting, communication, certification, and beyond.

Build Social Networking Learning

  • Eprofessor supports social learning through create own community, Enroll in other members' courses and campuses,
  • A range of social networking interactive activities and using collaborative events including student and teacher can network,
  • add learners as friends, send and receive messages, chats, comments, communication board, Rating System, share knowledge & ideas, notification, mail, asynchronous discussions etc...

Search Facility

  • The sophisticated search facility also allows learners to access specific learning objects just in time to support their performance in specific tasks.
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